Matilda ‘Tillie’ Huber and Charles Bausewein

Matilda ‘Tillie’ Huber was born on 19 March 1890 to William ‘Balthazar’ Huber and Helena Fredricka Halter in Newark, New Jersey. She married Charles Bausewein in 1916 in New City, New York . He was born on 9 December 1891 in Bloomfield, New Jersey to August and Sophie Bausewein. Matilda died on 11 April 1985 and Charles died on 27 November 1953. They are both buried in East Hanover, New Jersey at Restland Memorial Park.

fab8e1b3-e02b-46b5-a94a-f76fadac4d96.jpgThe five Huber sisters (Ruth Huber, Tillie Huber, Helen Huber, Carrie Huber, and Rose Huber).



CHARLES BAUSEWEIN HANOVER- Charles Bausewein died yesterday morning (November 27, 1953), at his home in East Hanover Township. He was an assistant bridge superintendent for the Morris County Bridge Department. He is survived by his wife, Mathilda Huber Bausewein; one son, Charles Bausewein, Jr.; and one daughter, Mr.s Lawrence A. Wilks. The Rev. Frank Brady of the Kitchell Memorial Church will officiate at the services at the Burroughs and Kohr Funeral Home, 106 Main street, Madison, on Monday afternoon, November 30, at 2 P.M. Interment will follow at Restland Memorial Park. 147024369_1445536204

BAUSEWEIN – Matilda (nee Huber), April 11, 1985, of Jupiter, Fla., formerly of East Hanover, wife of the late Charles Bausewein, mother of Mrs. Helen Wilks of Jupiter, Fla., also survived by four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral service at the HOPPING FUNERAL HOME, 145 E. Mount Pleasant Ave., Livingston, on Tuesday, at 11 a.m. Interment Westland Memorial Park, East Hanover.

Census records:

See parents page for pre 1920 records

1920: Cannot find

1930: The family is living in East Hanover, New Jersey on River Road. Charles is 38 and own the home worth $4,500 with a radio set. He is also listed as being a plumber. Matilda is 40. Charles Jr is 13 and Helen is 9.

1940: The family is still living on River Road in East Hanover, New Jersey. The house is now worth $3,000. Charles is still a plumber and is 48. Matilda is 50. Charles Jr. is 23 and is a motor tester at an airplane company making $1,300 per year. Helen is 19 and a secretary at a public school.

Matilda and Charles has 2 children:

  1. Charles Harry Bausewein (16 Jan 1917-5 September 1975) who married June Heller and had two children.Untitled
  2. Helen Matilda Bausewein (19 August 1920-30 November 2010) who married Lawrence Wilks and had three children.
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Felix Alois Huber and Theresa Omlin

Felix Alois Huber was born on the 14th of April 1851 to Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuhle. He married Theresa Omlin in Switzerland. Apparently he had gotten into difficulties in Switzerland and went to the United States because of this. He came back to Switzerland in 1887/1888 to make up with his wife and children. Theresa asked her uncle, Priest Omlin, if she must go with him and he said that if she didn’t want to go then she must not go. He came back in the 1920’s to see his daughter and grandchildren for the first time. While in Newark, he married Sophie Laiple. She was born in 1861 in Germany. She died of consumption. Theresa Omlin died on 24 Jul 1932 in Switzerland. Felix Alois Huber died in 1938 in New Jersey. The following three pictures are of Alois.

Alois and Theresa had three children:

1. Leo Huber

2. Wilhelm Huber

3.  Theresa Huber (1888-) who married Franz Morger and had two children (Franz Morger and Wilhelm Morger).

Alois and Sophie had one child:

1. Wilhelm Laiple. He died of consumption.

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Katherina Franziska Huber and Rudolph Louis Bernhardt

Katherina Franziska Huber was born on the 27th of November 1857 to Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuehle in Giswil, Switzerland. She came to America in 1874. She married Rudolph Louis Bernhardt in 1877. He was born in Berlin, Germany on the 14th of May 1846 to Carl Ludwig Eduard Bernhardt and Emilie Freiederike Pauline Meyer and came to America in 1863. Rudolph Louis Bernhardt’s first wife was named Brenda Matson who was born in Gernada, Mississippi. He married her on the 15th of September 1870. It is presumed she died around 1872. Louis was an organ builder. Katherina died in the 1910’s. The family lived in Newark, New Jersey. Louis Bernhardt then married his next wife Olga and lived with her in Philadelphia while operating a musical instrument store. Louis died in 1929 or early 1930.

Rudolph Louis Bernhardt

Katherina Franziska Huber

Katherina Franziska Huber

The Bernhardt’s

Rudolph Louis Bernhardt and Brenda Matson had one child:

1. Edward Bernhardt (1872-) who was born in Tennessee.

Rudolph Louis Bernhardt and Katherina Franziska Huber had at least 11 children:

1. Bertha Bernhardt (October 5th 1878- February 1972) who married William Schiff and had at least one child (William Schiff).

2. Louis Bernhardt (1879-)

3. Arnold Gustave Bernhardt (November 17th 1882- June 1966) who married Margaret and had at least four children (Arnold Bernhardt, Earl Bernhardt, Living, and Living).

4. Louis Anton Bernhardt (November 17th 1882-20 Jul 1940) who married Frieda Dora Coradina Fichtner and had at least four children (Grace Bertha Bernhardt, Katherine Irene Bernhardt, Alvina Muriel Bernhardt, and Dorothy Rene Bernhardt).

5. William Bernhardt (June 19th, 1884-July 1966) who married Loretta Kelsey and had at least three children (Anna Bernhardt, William Bernhardt, and Harold Bernhardt).

6. Charles Bernhardt (January 17th, 1886- November 1969) who married Anna and had at least two children (Living and Living).

7. Matthew Anthony Bernhardt (May 27th 1888- March 1977) who married Emma and had at least two children (Living and Living).

8. Ida Bernhardt (February 1890-1969) who married Frank Johnson and had at least four children (Edith Johnson, Ida Johnson, Living and Living).

9. Charlotte Bernhardt (May 1893-1954) who married Louis Wilcox.

10. b. before 1900 – child

11. b. 1900 -1910 – child

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Helen Huber and Harry Wilbur Streep

Helen Huber was born on the 16th of October 1886 in Newark, New Jersey to William Huber and Helena Halter. She married Harry Wilbur Streep on the 11th of November 1908. He was born on the 5th of February 1884 to Fredrick and Lizzie Streep in Newark, New Jersey. Helen Huber died on the 9th of May 1983 at the age of 96. Her husband Harry died on the 22nd of December 1962. Harry enlisted in the Military on August 16th 1904 at Fort Perry, New York. He was a 21 year old clerk with blue eyes and light brown hair. He also had a fair complexion and was 5′ 5 1/2″.  He was discharged on the 15th of August 1907. On his WWI draft card from September 17th 1918, he was living at 56 Hentendon? Newark, New Jersey. He was a traveling salesman and is listed as having brown hair and eyes, with a medium build and height. For his WWII draft card, he was living at 19 Burns Street Madison, Morris, New Jersey. He was working for the U.S. employment service in Clifton, New Jersey.

Harry Streep

Harry Streep is on the left.

Helen with her brother William on the left and brother Louis on the right.

We believe this is Helen (top row) with two of her sisters.

Again, we think this is Helen (2nd to the right) with three of her sisters.

We think this is Helen (in the middle) with her four sisters.

Census records:

1910: Harry W Streep is 25 and is a bar tender at a salon. He has been married for 1 year to Lena Streep who is 23. Also living with them is their son Harry Streep who is 4 months old. Living next to them is Helen’s family.

1920: Harry W Streep is 34 and is a salesman. Helen is 33. Their son Harry is 10.


Harry and Helen had one child:

1. Harry “Buddy” Streep (4 Oct 1910-22 Jul 2003) who married Mary Wilkinson and had three children.

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Louis Huber and Fannie Donahue

Louis Huber was born on the 23rd of May 1885 in Newark, New Jersey to William Huber and Helena Halter. He married Mary ‘Fannie’ Donahue. She was born on the 22nd of June 1892. He died on the 29th of March 1959. She died on the 1st of February 1970. They are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Louis’ WWI draft card, from September 12th 1918, listed his address as 200 Hawthorne Ave Newark, New Jersey. His occupation was listed as a bench hand at Red Devil? Pool Co. He was also medium build and height with brown eyes and hair. His WWII draft card, from April 27th, 1942,  listed his residence as 482 Hillside Ave Hillside, New Jersey. He works at the Singer Manufacturing Company on Trumbull St. in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is 5’9″ and weighs 182 pounds. His eyes are listed as gray now, he is bald and has a ruddy complexion. His right index finger also has a scar on it.

Here are pictures of Louis:

His brother William and Louis.

His brother William, sister Helen and Louis.

They had three children:

1. Louis Lawrence Huber (28 Jun 1914-09 Feb 1997) who married Thelma Cathay and had two children.

2. Margaret Huber (03 Jun 1918-03 Mar 1997) who married Joseph Cabanas and had five children.

3. William Joseph Huber (17 Dec 1920-17 Jun 1992) who married Hilda Olsen and had three children.

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Josefa Rosalia Huber

Josefa Rosalia ‘Rosalie’ Huber was born in about 1859 in Kerns, Obwalden, Switzerland to Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuhle. She never married. She worked as an interpreter for the hotel Luzernerhof in Sarnen, Obwalden, Switzerland. She was also a governess based on a second hand account. She died on December 18th, 1921 in Sarnen, Obwalden, Switzerland.

From a descendant of Alois Huber (brother of Rosalie) still living in Switzerland: “The sister of Alois Huber, Josefa Rosalia, was a governess, among other duties, at the hotel Luzernerhof (at that time the Luzernerhof and the Swiss court were still together). I have found postcards of her in Egypt and suppose that she worked for the hotel keeper, Durrer, and had traveled around the world. She had property and this was sent to America. I have found the payment documents.  I think the money to Alois was to allow him to travel back to Switzerland. At the end of Alois’ life, he had written one more letter stating that the old people are not welcome in America and that his wife and children should send him money, so that he could come back to Switzerland. I have also found this letter. They sent him no money under the pretext that they could not read the address (however, I could decipher the address …).”

Her will left 5,000 Francs to Miss Phillipine von Rotz living in Sarnen. She was entitlied to use it after her wealth had dissipated. After her death, the residual money went to charity. All the clothes, furniture and jewelry went to her brother Alois’ children in Switzerland: Theresia Morger, Wilhelm Huber, and Leo Huber. Theresia received: the yellow sofa, fauteuil, 3 chairs, embroidered Pliant, 2 sofa cushions, closed with mirror, oval table, big mirror with gold frame, 2 big etagere, little etagere, flower stand, both pictures of parents with dark frame. Ms. Morger may have all clothes, undergarments, jewelry, 1 1/2 dozen towels with my name, one big pillow as well as remaining down blankets. Wilhelm Huber was left: bed with 2 pillows, drawer chest with headpiece, night table, square fir table, 3 chairs and wash set. Leo Huber was left: Divan, square hardwood table, table in the living room, drawer chest in living room, 3 lacquered chairs in the kitchen, mirror with black frame, and underbed. All three siblings divided the: Tableaux, tablecloths, bed linens, curtains, kitchen appliances, suitcases, crates and chests/boxes. Her wish was to not have any of this stuff sold except between the children. She also stated that if her brother returned to Switzerland from America, he would be able to use the bedroom set,a sofa and the pictures of parents as long as he lived, and then would go to his children. She also stated that Miss Phillippine von Rotz would be able to use the kitchen appliances, sitzbath, night chair or half round table if she needed them. They would then go to the Alois’ children on her death. The big living room rug was to be given to Chapel Kaegiswill for the steps in from of the altar.

When she died, her estate was divided among the following, Miss Phillipine Von Rotz 5,000 francs, Alois Huber, 6,432.31 francs, William Huber, 6,432.31 francs, Arnold Huber, 6,432.31 francs, and Katharina Bernhardt’s children, 6,432.31 francs.

Here are pictures of Rosalie:

Rosalie with her two brothers, William and Arnold.


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Arnold Michael Huber and Sophia Enz

Arnold Michael Huber was born on the 20th of November 1856 in Giswil, Switzerland to Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuhle.  He married Josefa Theresa Sophia Enz on the 19th of November 1883 in Newark, New Jersey. She was born on the 14th of June 1862 in Giswil, Switzerland to Peter Josef Lorenz Enz and Anna Maria Theresa Berchtold. Arnold came to the United States in 1869 with his father and brothers. He, like his father, was an ice dealer. Sophia died on the 4th of August 1935 in Newark, New Jersey. Arnold Michael Huber died on the 9th of November 1946 in Hillside, New Jersey. They are both buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Irvington, New Jersey.

Arnold Michael Huber

Sophia Enz Huber

Arnold and Sophia Huber

Arnold’s brother William, and his sister Rosalie, and Arnold

Arnold Michael Huber and Sophia Enz had at least six children:

1. Maria Sophia Huber (31 Aug 1884-19 Jan 1975) who married William Hart.

2. Josephine Louise Huber (19 May 1886-4 Jan 1984) who married Henry Robert Rech on 4 Aug 1909 and had at least one child (Walter Rech).

3. Margaret Sophia Huber (3 Jul 1888-13 Apr 1986) who married Edward L Hemhauser and had at least one child (Living).


4. Louis Arnold Huber (19 Jan 1890-18 Jun 1971) who married Ida Mae Miller and had at least four children (Vivienne Mae Huber, Louis Arnold Huber, Eunice Ruth Huber, and Living).

scan0009 - Copy (3)

5. Arnold Michael Huber (23 Nov 1891-1 Oct 1950) who married Dorothy Misgore and had at least one child (Robert Huber).

6. Bertha Selma Huber (1 Jan 1893-9 Sept 1981) who married Henry John Litzebauer and had at least two children (Henrietta Litzebauer and Living).

Census Records:

1900: Arnold Huber is 43 and an Ice Dealer. Sophia Huber is 37 and has been in the United States for 18 years. Also living with them are children Sophia Huber who is 11, Louis Huber who is 10, Arnold Huber is 8, and Bertha Huber is 7.




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William Huber and Annie Garrigan

William Huber was born on 6 March 1884 in Newark, NJ. He was the son of William ‘Balthazar’ Huber and Helena Fredericka Halter.  He married Annie Garrigan on 23 August 1905. Annie was born on 30 June 1883 in Newark, NJ and was the daughter of Julia Seelmann and Eugene Garrigan. William was employed by the Hillside Supply Co. and by Mundet Cork Co. which made bottle caps. William was a member of the Hillside Lodge of Elks and the Hillside Republican Club. He died on 3 November 1969 and Annie died on 19 May 1959. They are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in East Orange, NJ.

William Huber

William Huber with his sister Helen Huber and brother Louis Huber.

William with his brother Louis Huber.

William Huber with club members in 1898.

William Huber (in cap) taken on the corner of Barclay and Montgomery Streets in Newark,NJ when he was 14.

William Huber at age 17/18

William Huber

William Huber with two neighborhood boys (Clif Sanford and Harvey Pearce). He is driving the team on Maple and Hillside Avenues in 1924, while working for Hillside Supply Co. They delivered coal and lumber.

William and Annie Huber in 1941 at their home on Franklin St.

Anna Garrigan and Family

William and Anna are on the right.William and Anna are on the left.

Census Records: See parents pages for census records before 1910

1910- William is 26 and Annie is also 26. They have been married 4 years. He was a shoe lash maker. The family was living at 29 Sprinkle Street, Newark, NJ. They had two children, William Huber III (who is 3) and Edwin Huber who is 8 months.

1920- William and Annie are both 35. William is listed as being a shoe lash turner. Their children are William Huber Jr. (who is 13), Mildred Huber, Julia Huber (who is 4) and a boarder Elizabeth Reich (who is 1).

1930- They are living next door to William’s mother and sister’s family (Rose and Roscoe Mullican). William is 46 and Annie is 45.  Children living with them are Mildred, Julia Huber (who is 14), and Marie Ann.


1940- They are living in Hillside, New Jersey at 1533 Franklin Street and own the house valued at $4,000 and still live next door to Rose and Roscoe Mullican. Both William and Anna are listed as 56 with William having 5 years of schooling and Anna having 8 years of schooling. Their daughter Marie is 15 and is in her first year of high school. William is a truck driver for the coal industry and his annual income is $400.00.

Obituaries for William Huber

William and Annie had 7 children:

1. William Joseph Huber (12 June 1906-17 October 1985) married Florence Matt and had two children.

2. Edwin Huber (1909-1910) He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Newark, NJ.

3. Mildred Ruth Huber (6 February 1912-24 May 2014) married Edward Toussaint and had one child.


4. Julia Huber (29 September 1915-7 July 2008) married Vincent Ferriday and had two children.

5. Fredrick Huber (11 November 1918-11 November 1918) Twin of Henry Huber.

6. Henry Huber (11 November 1918-11 November 1918) Twin of Fredrick Huber.

7. Marie Ann Huber (13 September 1924-25 February 2016) married Edward Cwiklinski and had one child (Stanley Cwiklinski).


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William ‘Balthazar’ Huber and Helena Fredericka Halter

William ‘Balthazar’ Huber was born on 11 July 1851 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland. His parents were Felix and Franziska Zurmuhle. His Godparents were Balthazar Huber and Josefa Huber (his Father’s brother and sister). He married Helena Fredericka Halter on 10 April 1882. She was born on 11 March 1862 in Newark, NJ and was the daughter of Henry ‘Wilhelm’ Halter and Regina Huff. He, like his father, was an ice dealer in Newark, NJ. Helena died on 16 March 1938 in Newark, NJ and William died on 3 Oct 1927 in Newark,NJ. He died on accident on ice wagon. He was at rear of wagon and someone pulled on the horses reins in the front. They moved and William was thrown off the back of the wagon to the pavement. He died a few days later of internal injuries. They are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Hillside, NJ (graves near 10th street).

Houses lived in:

In 1890, the family was living at 272 Springfield Ave., Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

In 1900, the family was living at 271 Belmont Ave., Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

In 1910, the family was living at 215 Pesline Avenue, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

In 1920, the family was living at 267 Jelliff Avenue, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.

In 1930, the family was living at 133 Franklin Street, Hillside, Union County, New Jersey.

William ‘Balthazar’ Huber

William ‘Balthazar’ Huber with his sister Rosalie Huber and brother Arnold Huber in 1881 in Saaren, Switzerland after the death of their mother.

William ‘Balthazar’ and Arnold Huber with what I believe are their cousins. Taken at the same time as the picture above.

Helena Fredericka Halter Huber

William Huber’s passenger records and census records for 1880 are on his parents page. Helena’s census records until 1895 are on her parent’s page.

1895- NJ state census record doesn’t show much, but it does show William Huber, Lena Huber, and their children William Huber, Louis Huber, Lena Huber, Matilda ‘Tillie’ Huber, and Ruth Huber.

1900- William Huber is 45 and an ice dealer, Helena is 38, William is 16, Louis is 15, Lena is 13, Matilda ‘Tillie’ is 10, Ruth is 7, and Rosie is 2.

1910- William Huber is 57 and isn’t working. Helena is 45. Matilda is 20, Ruth is 18, Rose is 12, Carrie is 8. They are living next door to their daughter Lena who is 23 and her husband Harry W. Streep who is 25, and their son Harry Streep.

1920- William is 67 and an ice dealer. Lena is listed as 57. Living with them are their daughter Ruth who is 26, her husband Edward Walters who is 29 and their son Edward.

1930- Lena Huber is 68. She is living with her daughter Rose (who is 31) and her husband Roscoe Mullican (who is 29) and children Wilma Mullican who is 11, Roscoe Jr. who is 9 and William who is 4. They are living next to Lena’s son William Huber (who is 46) and his family Annie Huber (who is 45), Living, Julia Huber (who is 14), and Living.

William Balthazar Obituary

Huber- On Tuesday, October 18, 1927, William Huber, aged 75 years, beloved husband of Lena Huber (nee Holder [HALTER]). Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral serviced on Friday afternoon, October 21, at 2 o’clock, at his residence, 133 Minnehaha avenue, Hillside, N.J. Interment in Woodland Cemetery.

William ‘Balthazar’ Huber and Helena Fredericka Halter had 9 children:

1. William Huber Jr. (6 March 1884- 11 November 1969) married Annie Garrigan and had 7 children, (William Joseph Huber, Fredrick Huber, Henry Huber, Edwin Huber, Mildred Ruth Huber, Julia Huber and Marie Ann Huber).

2. Louis Huber (23 May 1885- 29 March 1959) married Fannie Donahue and had 3 children (Louis Lawrence II Huber, Margaret Huber, and William Joseph Huber).

3. Helena Huber (16 November 1886-9 May 1983) married Harry Streep and had one child (Harry Streep Jr.)

4. Matilda ‘Tillie’ Huber (19 March 1890-11 April 1985) married Charles Bausewein and had 2 children (Charles Harry Bausewein and Helen Matilda Bausewein).


5. Ruth Huber (Feb 1892-1932) married Edward Walters and had two children (Edward Joseph Walters and Harry Walters).

6. Rose Huber (2 August 1898-21 January 1983) married Roscoe Irvin Mullican and had 4 children (Wilhelmina Gertrude Mullican, Roscoe Irvin Mullican Jr, William Ruth Mullican, and Leroy Melvin Carl Mullican).

7. Caroline “Carrie” Huber (22 Febuary 1902-19 August 1919).

8. Henry Huber (died at birth) Twin of Mamie.

9. Mamie Huber (died at birth) Twin of Henry.

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Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuehle

Felix Huber was born on 21 Sept 1821 in Switzerland and died on 9 Dec 1882 in Newark,NJ. His parents were Felix Huber and Marie Josefa Michel. He married Franziska Zurmuehle in Switzerland. She was born in Saren, Switzerland on 3 June 1819 and died on 5 Sept 1881. Felix came to America in 1869 with his sons William, Arnold and Josef. They left from Liverpool, England on 14 Oct 1869 on the City of Paris and landed in New York, NY on 1 Nov 1869.  They then went to Newark,NJ.

Felix Huber

Franziska Zurmuehle Huber

Here is the passenger record showing Felix, William, Arnold, and Josef in 1869 on the City of Paris ship.

The City of Paris, 1 ship picture is 1866.

Felix Huber and Franziska Zurmuehle had many children Including:

1. Franz Joesf Wilhelm Huber (1849-)

2. Josef Maria Huber (14 Apr 1851-July 1875).

3. Felix Alois Huber (14 Apr 1851-1938) who married Theresa Omlin and had three children (Leo Huber, Theresa Huber and Wilhelm Huber).

4. William Balthazar Huber (11 Jul 1852-3 Oct 1927) who married Helena Halter on 10 Apr 1882 and had at least 9 children (William Huber, Louis Huber, Helen Huber, Matilda Huber, Ruth Huber, Mamie Huber, Henry Huber, Rose Huber and Carrie Huber).

5. Anna Marie Wihelma Huber (20 Aug 1853-)

6. Marie Bernharda Huber (20 May 1855-)

7. Arnold Michael Huber (20 Nov 1856-9 Nov 1946) who married Sophia Enz on 19 Nov 1883 and had at least 6 children (Maria Sophia Huber, Josephine Louise Huber, Margaret Sophia Huber, Louis Arnold Huber, Arnold Michael Huber, and Bertha Selma Huber).

8. Katherina Franziska Huber (27 Nov 1857-1910’s) who married Rudolph Louis Bernhardt and had at least 10 children (Edward Bernhardt, Bertha Bernhardt, Louis Bernhardt, Arnold Gustave Bernhardt, Louis Anton Bernhardt, William Bernhardt, Charles Bernhardt, Mathew Anthony Bernhardt, Ida Bernhardt, Charlotte Bernhardt).

9. Christina Augustina Huber (1858-)

10. Josefa Rosalia Huber (1859-1921)

11. Fredrick Huber (1861-1869)

Census Records for 1880-Felix is 60 and an ice man. Wilhelm is 23, and Arnold is 22.

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